Why do I love being a Beachbody Coach?

by Amy Nelson November 8, 2013

So admittedly not the most original blog post since everyone and their brother is posting what they are grateful for running up to Thanksgiving but I have been asked what I like about being a coach, what coaching is all about, etc. so I thought it would be worthwhile to share.


#1:  You know the good old question: “What would you do with your life if you knew you couldn’t fail?”  Well, I never knew how to answer it.  I spent 16+ years of my life in school, getting my CPA and doing all the things I was supposed to do.  As a result of all that effort, I worked all the time.  ALL THE TIME.   While work was rewarding and challenging, would I do accounting, financial reporting and forecasting if I had nothing to lose?  Probably, no, DEFINITELY, not!  The stress was starting to literally break me down mentally and physically.  But my biggest passions in life are animal rescue, working out / hiking and AZ Cardinals football.  How do you build a business at any of those?!    Well, for me, Beachbody coaching is an amazing answer to that.  I help people get healthy and fit by working out and eating better WHILE at the same time holding myself more accountable in those areas and pushing myself harder than I would if I were not coaching.  Not surprisingly, helping someone reach their health and fitness goals is a whole lot more rewarding and a whole lot more fun than filing a 10-K.


Coaches change lives


#2:  I get to build a team and work with positive people who want me to succeed.  Everyone helps each other and the whole team wins when I win and vice versa. Coaching is truly a team effort and you are incentivized in every way to focus on the team.


#3:  I’m working with my brother who I hardly had time to speak to before our DitchtheBelly venture.   I’m working with good friends to help them build financial independence doing something THEY love and are passionate about!  All the while, helping them reach their fitness goals.


Ditch the Belly 250x250


#4:  I don’t have to SELL anything or invest a ridiculous amount of money to be successful.  Beachbody spends MILLIONS on marketing, product development and advertising.  I just SHARE what I love doing.   Believe me, I am the world’s biggest introvert.  I do not / cannot sell anything to anyone.  And I don’t have to…I know Beachbody products work and just share what will help people based on their goals.


#5:  I get to determine my income ceiling!  This business can be as big as I choose it to be.  There are success stories that prove it every day.  There is no shortage of people who want help and are ready to get healthy so I believe that the long term forecast for team DitchtheBelly is quite positive.   How exciting is that?  Doing something I love with no limit on its potential for impacting the trend of obesity and financial success?  That’s awesome!!


end the trend


Ok, so that’s my Beachbody coaching story and why I love it.  If I hit on anything that appeals to you, maybe team DitchtheBelly and Beachbody coaching is the opportunity you are looking for!  Or, maybe it will inspire you to carve out some time from your hectic life to do that thing YOU’VE always been passionate about if you’re lucky enough to know what that is.  Either way, I hope you find an opportunity to spend time doing what you love.

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