Top 5 Workout Excuses

by Jeff Curry March 8, 2014

What is your excuse?  We all have them, even me sometimes.  As a coach, part of my duty to you, my client, is to help you bust out of the EXCUSE ZONE.  Ditch the Excuses!  I learned somewhere that excuses are nothing more than well planned LIES.  Here are the 5 lies (I mean excuses) that I hear most often that drive me CRAZY!  So if you’re going to resort to excuses, at least be creative and don’t use one of these!



1.  I don’t have TIME.  I had to work late and didn’t get home until late, so I didn’t have TIME to work out.  My kid had something going on, so I didn’t have TIME to work out.  I had family in town, so I didn’t have TIME.  I was just too busy with life and didn’t have TIME.  Today is so crazy that there is no way I’ll have TIME to work out today.  Do any of these sound familiar?  When I’m guilty of making excuses, the TIME excuse is mine too, so  I always know that this one is a lie.  How much TIME did you spend on Facebook?  How much TIME did you spend texting your friend about absolutely nothing?  How much TIME did you spend staring at the TV?  When you can do a world class Focus T25, P90X3 or 21 Day Fix work out in less than 30 minutes, you always have TIME.


2.  I was too TIRED.  I’ve been working so much lately that I’m just too TIRED to work out these days.  My life is just too crazy and I’m too TIRED to work out.  I was out late last night and way too TIRED today to do anything.  My kid had me up all night, so I’m too TIRED.  LIES!  GO TO BED!!  GET SOME SLEEP!!Tired Guy  Were you too TIRED (ladies) to go shopping for new shoes when your friend called? Were you too TIRED (guys) to go out for beers with the guys when they called?  We all know the answer to both of those questions.  If you want it bad enough, you’re never “too tired” to get your work out in.  Once you push play, you aren’t tired anymore, so don’t miss that daily appointment with Tony, Shaun or Autumn.


3.  I was too SORE from yesterday’s work out.  I worked out so hard yesterday with P90X3 that my glutes were too SORE today to do anything.  My arms were so SORE from those T 25 push-ups that I thought I better just take today off.  I did so may squats and lunges yesterday that my legs were too SORE to today and I didn’t want to hurt myself.  C’MON!  Seriously?  Come at me with something better than that.  If you’re not too SORE to get out of bed, then you’re not too SORE to work out.  Push play.  You’ll live.  We all know that the second we get warmed up, the soreness is gone.  We all know that as soon as we finish that work out when we were “too SORE” at the beginning, we feel AWESOME!  And we all know better than to work the same muscles two days in a row, so c’mon, get moving and get that blood flowing.I'm so sore!


4.  The work outs are TOO HARD for me.  I tried to do that Focus T25, that one time, but it was way TOO HARD for me, so I didn’t do that again.  Every time I try to do a pull-up in P90X-3, it’s TOO HARD for me, so I just quit trying.  I can’t do push-ups, because they are TOO HARD for me, so I don’t want to do any push-ups in my workout.  I’m sorry, but this one drives me absolutely BONKERS!  Self-limiting excuses (lies) are the worst thing we can ever do to ourselves.  Was Michael Jordan the greatest basketball player of all time the first time he picked up a ball?  (the answer is no)  Was Tiger Woods the greatest golfer in history the first time he picked up a club?  (the answer is maybe, but probably no)  Nobody is good at anything the first time we do it.  Everything takes practice, and commitment, and WORK.  If it’s TOO HARD, then modify it today and try it again next time.  Don’t come at me with the “It’s TOO HARD” excuse.  NO QUITTERS ALLOWED!


5.  I’m TOO OLD to do that.  I could never do P90x because I’m TOO OLD.  People like me are way TOO OLD to do stuff like that.  Those work outs are for young people, I’m way TOO OLD to do that stuff.  I’m TOO OLD to move that way, my body doesn’t move that way anymore.  LIES driven by FEAR, that’s all that is.  Age is a state of mind, nothing more.  Unless your dead, you’re not TOO OLD.  That may be a little harsh, but I believe it.  My grandfather is 96 years old and he still exercises almost every day and I’ve never heard the man say that he’s TOO OLD to do anything.  Tony Horton is 54 years old!!  I’ve had many people younger than that tell me that they are TOO OLD.  Stop telling yourself you’re TOO OLD and maybe, just maybe, you’ll stop using that excuse to limit yourself.  There is no such thing as TOO OLD, it’s just another EXCUSE!


How do you move past the excuses and accomplish something great?  Set your priorities to get healthy, commit to those health and wellness priorities, and get an accountability partner.  Write down a date by which you want to be fit and healthy.  Get with your coach and map out a plan to get there.  Find the right work out program (make sure its not too hard though……just kidding).   Get started ASAP.  Find someone who will hold you accountable.  This works for ANYTHING that you want to accomplish.  The key is to have an accountability partner who cares enough about you to call you out when you come up with LIES as to why you can’t exercise today.  Give that person full authority to call “BS” when you come up with lies as to why you “can’t” do something.  It works.  Try it.  If you don’t have an accountability partner, I’m happy to volunteer.

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