by Jeff Curry March 8, 2014

What is your excuse?  We all have them, even me sometimes.  As a coach, part of my duty to you, my client, is to help you bust out of the EXCUSE ZONE.  Ditch the Excuses!  I learned somewhere that excuses are nothing more than well planned LIES.  Here are the 5 lies (I mean excuses) that I hear most often that drive me CRAZY!  So if you’re going to resort to excuses, at least be creative and don’t use one […]

by Amy Nelson November 2, 2013

Team DitchtheBelly just started our 90-day Battle of the Sexes challenge and we are so excited for our clients who made the plunge and decided to make a change!  It’s been an awesome, fun, engaging week and we want to keep up the momentum!  Of course the first week of anything is usually exciting as you are embarking on a new venture.  The trick is keeping the momentum after the newness wears off.  Think about it, even the first week […]

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