by Amy Nelson April 27, 2014




Maybe you’ve done a few Beachbody Programs and you’re drinking Shakeology religiously.  You’re feeling good.  Looking good.  Having fun posting in your Challenge Group and supporting others so that they can get great results too.


People are starting to take notice that you look “different”.  When they ask you what’s going on you can’t wait to tell them that you’re doing P90X3 (or T25 or 21 Day Fix, etc.) and drinking this amazing shake that has 70+ superfoods from […]

by Jeff Curry January 17, 2014

1.  Save LOTS of time.  Most of us spend way too much time in our cars as it is.  Driving back and forth to the gym is time in the car that you don’t have to waste.  When you work out at home, you don’t have to drive anywhere.  How long does it take you to drive to the gym and back home again?  I have no idea what the answer is for you, and I’m sure it varies wildly

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by Amy Nelson November 2, 2013

Team DitchtheBelly just started our 90-day Battle of the Sexes challenge and we are so excited for our clients who made the plunge and decided to make a change!  It’s been an awesome, fun, engaging week and we want to keep up the momentum!  Of course the first week of anything is usually exciting as you are embarking on a new venture.  The trick is keeping the momentum after the newness wears off.  Think about it, even the first week […]

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