by Amy Nelson May 3, 2014



I absolutely love the sense of accomplishment and results from committing to 90 days of a Tony Horton program.


You probably know why I’m a P90X / Tony Horton fanatic but the short story for those who don’t:  severe scoliosis.  With enough specifics for those who may have a similar condition:  S-shaped thoracolumbar scoliosis with Cobb angles of 73 and 43 degrees with degenerative disk space narrowing.  Yes, that’s severe enough to require surgery, which I passed […]

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by Amy Nelson April 27, 2014




Maybe you’ve done a few Beachbody Programs and you’re drinking Shakeology religiously.  You’re feeling good.  Looking good.  Having fun posting in your Challenge Group and supporting others so that they can get great results too.


People are starting to take notice that you look “different”.  When they ask you what’s going on you can’t wait to tell them that you’re doing P90X3 (or T25 or 21 Day Fix, etc.) and drinking this amazing shake that has 70+ superfoods from […]

by Amy Nelson February 21, 2014

So, in last week’s post, I raised a few social concerns we are experiencing in the good ole US of A and talked a little about the obesity epidemic.  This week, let’s focus on the economic issues a lot of Americans are facing.  Does the following sound familiar for yourself or someone close to you?  Working like crazy just to survive paycheck to paycheck.  No time for family or fun – just barely getting by and possibly (more likely, probably) […]

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by Jeff Curry January 17, 2014

1.  Save LOTS of time.  Most of us spend way too much time in our cars as it is.  Driving back and forth to the gym is time in the car that you don’t have to waste.  When you work out at home, you don’t have to drive anywhere.  How long does it take you to drive to the gym and back home again?  I have no idea what the answer is for you, and I’m sure it varies wildly

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by Amy Nelson September 20, 2013

Ok, so you all know we’re Beachbody coaches and think working out at home is the best thing since sliced bread.  We’d like to explain why we think this to encourage you to give it a shot!









1. No commute!

2. No waiting around to check in or for machines.

3. Workouts available on […]

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by Amy Nelson September 6, 2013

Working out is one of my passions!  This is why:  I found out the hard way how important exercise is to quality of life.  I have scoliosis (fancy word for:  my spine is in the shape of an S).   I wore the brace.  I chose not to have surgery.  In my mid 30s I started to pay for that decision in the form of chronic back pain.  The only suggestion my doctor gave me was pain meds.  Not doing that […]

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by Jeff Curry July 24, 2013

When I decided to become a Beachbody coach in October 2012, I made that decision after experiencing a life transformation with Beachbody’s home fitness programs.  I also spent a significant amount of time researching the company that I was getting into.  I had never entertained the idea of network marketing prior to this, and I had ALOT to learn.  I immediately started to reach out to other coaches in an effort to absorb as much knowledge as I could about […]

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