P90X3: Two Thumbs Up – I Loved It!

by Amy Nelson May 3, 2014



I absolutely love the sense of accomplishment and results from committing to 90 days of a Tony Horton program.


You probably know why I’m a P90X / Tony Horton fanatic but the short story for those who don’t:  severe scoliosis.  With enough specifics for those who may have a similar condition:  S-shaped thoracolumbar scoliosis with Cobb angles of 73 and 43 degrees with degenerative disk space narrowing.  Yes, that’s severe enough to require surgery, which I passed on about 25 years ago because I didn’t want to spend 6 months in a body cast.


Now that I’m 44 years old, adult complications can include disfigurement, impaired heart and / or lung function and chronic back pain.  Thanks to the P90X series and about every other program Beachbody has released in the last 5 years, I don’t deal with ANY of these!  Yes, I’ll have a bad day now and then when pain shows up but it’s usually because I haven’t been moving enough.  Once I get back in the gym, the pain gets back under control without so much as an aspirin.


I’m grateful every day for the results and quality of life that the P90X series has given me.  About 10 years ago, a narcotic was the only option presented to manage my pain.  So happy I said no and found Beachbody instead!!!  The Mayo Clinic doctor who manages my case said I could be a poster child for scoliosis management.


So, I won’t claim that this is an unbiased review!  But I will narrow it down to the top 5 reasons I loved P90X3 – in no particular order.




(1)  Variety

The Basic kit comes with 16 different 30-minute workouts.  Yes!  Just 30 minutes – likely less time than it takes to drive to and from the gym.  The workouts cover a wide range of fitness:

Core, Flexibility & Balance
Strength / Resistance

I was never bored and never hesitated to push play….ok, let me back off on that – I never hesitated to push play EXCEPT FOR Triometrics and CVX.  Those were hard!


(2)  Tony himself

Yes, he annoys some people, but his goofy sense of humor actually cracks me up.  Especially his self-deprecating humor in Pilates X – it’s nice to see that he struggles too!


Tony Horton & Amy - SS Beachbody

Me & Tony! SS Beachbody 2014


(3)  The Anti-Aging message

The fact that Tony is 10 years older than me doing the hard-core stuff that he does is a great motivator.  Not to mention Dreya, who is apparently 50+ too and looks even better than she did in the original P90X. There goes my “I’m too old to do that or to have a 6 pack” excuse!    “Aging is for people who don’t know any better” is one of my new mantras thanks to these guys.


(4)  The Challenge

Yes, I’m a sucker for a challenge.  Writing down my weights / reps and seeing improvement over the 90 days is huge for me.  Crushing a workout in week 12 that about killed me in week 1 is awesome.  Knowing that I’m stronger than I was makes me want to work harder.  “The Challenge” was also the name of my favorite workout in the program.  You pick a number of push-ups and pull-ups that you are going to do for each exercise before pushing play and the goal is to try and hit that number every time.  For some reason, trying to hit a certain number made me work twice as hard and I know that’s why I improved so much.


(5)  The Results

I’m stronger, more flexible and leaner than I was 90 days ago.   More importantly, in my case, my CORE is stronger and my back pain is still in check!


P90X3 before and after front muscle


 P90X3 before and after backmuscle final



Ok, so that’s my P90X3 review in a nutshell.  Needless to day, I am super excited to share this program with others who want to BRING IT and see what they can do in 90 days.  I may have given the impression the program is “hard-core” in this review but even though it is considered an Intermediate – Advanced program, if you are motivated and committed following the modifier is doable for most fitness levels.




And great news….starting NOW is perfect timing!  The P90X3 Challenge Pack is a May Beachbody special.  You will save $95 when you buy the Challenge Pack that includes 30 days of Shakeology & the program.


And guess what?  Team Ditch the Belly will throw in another $30 in the form of a Visa gift card towards your Challenge Pack to thank-you for taking your journey with us. 


Ready?  No more excuses! Let’s do this!!


Beachbody May promo 2

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