No More Excuses!

by Amy Nelson January 10, 2014



NO MORE “I don’t have time”

NO MORE “I can’t afford it”


NO MORE “It’s too hard”

NO MORE “I’m not good enough”

NO MORE “I’ll start next week”

NO MORE “I’m too tired”

NO MORE “But’s….”


NO MORE blaming the holidays, football games, your kids / spouse / partner for eating bad food.


NO MORE!   For each of the excuses above we can provide you with success stories that overcame the very same one.


In 2014, how about MORE:


–       Self-control?

–       Self-respect?

–       Accountability?

–       Responsibility?

–       Believing in you?

–       Setting a good example for your kids / spouse / parents?

–       Sticking to your goals?

–       Planning and living your life by design?

–       Visualizing your success?

–       Engagement with a positive, supportive community?

–       Eating mindfully?

–       Good choices?

–       Movement?

–       Awareness?

–       Feeling good?

–       SUCCESS?


We will help you…for FREE!


Whatever your goals for living a healthy, fulfilling life are, Team DitchtheBelly will encourage, support, and motivate you to get there.  We do this as a virtual team, where regardless of your age and fitness level you are welcome and we will help you regardless of whether you buy anything from us.


Our virtual team is called DitchtheBelly – NO EXCUSES!  It is a closed Facebook based group where you can connect with like-minded, supportive people to share your successes, overcome your obstacles and have fun on your journey.  We’re building a community of people who are tired of the status quo, of watching their loved ones eat themselves to death.  Our team is tired of the quick fixes and crazy things that just don’t work long term.  Eating well and moving…so simple yet so hard for people to do consistently without support and accountability!


Our goal is to help at least 100 people get healthier in 2014.  To help you achieve your success story and to impact the trend of obesity.  We are passionate about this goal.


Are you passionate about your goals?




Will you take the first step and CONTACT US?


Or will you make another excuse?

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