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This is extremely important.

Your life is now a NO EXCUSE ZONE. When you commit to making a change and getting fit, your brain may try to mess with you. Your brain is an evil thing sometimes and it may try to tell you that you have too much stuff to do, or you are too busy, or maybe it will tell you that you are too tired today. It may even tell you that it is okay once in a while to eat crap. DON’T LISTEN. When your brain tries to sabotage your commitment – say NO EXCUSES out loud – NO EXCUSES!! Yell it if you have to.


At DitchtheBelly we are committed 100% to YOUR SUCCESS and we do not tolerate excuses. 




We just do not have any patience for excuses.  When you commit to changing your life, you cannot make excuses as to why today is not the right day to exercise, or why right now is not the right time, or why tonight it is okay to eat fast food.  Drop the excuses and GET TO IT.


If you ever feel like you want to quit, CALL US.


If you are thinking that maybe you really can’t change your life, that its just too hard, CALL US


If you think that today is a bad day to work out, CALL US


CALL US before the day is over and its too late – we will motivate you to get in there and put in the work


That is our commitment to you. We are here to help, but we do not want to hear your excuses. Sorry. Excuses are for quitters and there aren’t any quitters in the DitchtheBelly family.



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