by Amy Nelson July 12, 2014

Never give up



Yeah, I’m going to write about Coach Summit because it’s been almost a month since we got back from Vegas and I’m still fired up.  More importantly though, a lot of people have given up and need to hear the message (cliché as it might initially sound).


Maybe you’re thinking – me?  I haven’t given up, go pick on someone else. Bear with me, and let’s just quickly check in on a few areas.


Super Workout 2014 Coach Summit

Your health:


Are you doing the best you can every single day to take care of yourself or have you let things slide in that department?  Do you go in for that annual check up?  Get your fruits, veggies and whole foods in every day?  Sleep 7-8 hours a night? Do you exercise?


Even if you’ve let things slide and have a long way to go – NEVER GIVE UP.  Check out this year’s 2014 Beachbody Challenge winners.  They BOTH lost over 200 pounds with the PROVEN Fitness + Nutrition + Support system!  Your health is the very most important thing in this world.  It determines your quality of life in every other area.  Start with something small and build on it, but NEVER GIVE UP.


Amy & Shaun T - Coach Summit 2014

Fueling your passion:


Are you giving 110% to something you love to do every single day?  Maybe it’s not your “real” job.  That’s ok – I’m talking about doing something that feeds your passion and, perhaps, could replace the drudgery of the 9 to 5 some day with something that really fires you up.


Are you DREAMING BIG and living your life to the fullest?  Check out Diana Nyad’s story.  Her talk kept thousands of Coaches spell-bound for almost two hours at Summit.   What is your BIG DREAM and what are you doing to achieve it?  NEVER GIVE UP on it!


Sequins & Studs party

Your personal development:


Are you continuing to learn, grow and work on your happiness through personal development?  How are your relationships with your spouse, family, boss and co-workers?  Darren Hardy, author of The Compound Effect and Publisher of Success Magazine gave an amazing talk about just doing “the simple things” day in and day out to improve YOURSELF.  Not your spouse, not your boss – YOU!   And once you do that, it’s surprising how all your relationships will improve.  One example: read or listen to a GOOD book for ten minutes a day. NEVER GIVE UP on constantly learning and growing as a good human.


So….what do you think?


Have you maybe given up in a few areas?  Well, the good news is it is never to late to change!  How about a call to action?  Reach out to us and let’s get started on a plan.



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