Our Mission


We are committed to getting you fit in a supportive and positive environment, and to impact your life by introducing you to a healthier lifestyle, so that you can pay it forward to friends and family.  Together, we will END THE TREND OF OBESITY!  You can ditch the gym.  You can ditch the trainer.  You can get totally fit AT HOME.  We will help you.





Our Vision


Our vision is to see you live a happier and more active life.  Helping you is our number one priority!  We envision a world where you embrace daily exercise and healthier food choices as an important part of your lifestyle.




Our Core Values


Our core values are honesty, integrity, positivity and persistenceThese values drive everything we do and every interaction with you.  We will not give you false or misleading information.  We will only recommend products or services that we truly believe will help you to reach your personal goals.  With integrity, we will chart a course of action that will best suit your individual needs.  You will face challenges in your fitness journey; DitchtheBelly will provide a positive arena for you to find the right solution.   With persistence, YOU WILL SUCCEED!






Know your “WHY” – You have a reason, or motivation, for living a healthier life.  WHAT IS IT?  To feel better?  To have more energy?  To relieve pain? To play with your kids?  To run a 5K?  To take your shirt off at the pool?  To ditch the belly?  We believe that it is very important that you have a clear understanding of what your reason or motivation is.  That is your “WHY.”  Your “WHY” is going to motivate you to work out on that rainy day, that evening after a 12 hour work day, that Saturday when you just don’t want to get off the couch, and it will give you the strength to drive past that fast food joint. Find your “WHY” and you will find your SUCCESS in fitness, as well as in your LIFE.