Meeting Tony Horton and Other Fun Stuff

by Amy Nelson April 20, 2014

SS Beachbody highlight


That’s right, I got to meet THE MAN!  Tony Horton, creator of the most popular home fitness program in America – P90X.  The guy who got me in the best shape of my life at the age of 40 (and still maintaining at 44)!  The guy who got me strong enough so that my crooked, scoliosis spine no longer causes me pain – THAT GUY.  I got to meet him!!!  It was certainly a highlight from the SS Beachbody that I won’t forget.




Tony Horton & Amy - SS Beachbody

Me & Tony!



I’m sure you are dying for the details so…just really quick.  🙂  It was formal night on the ship and, as Tony was leaving the restaurant, he zeroed in on me at our dinner table – he says, “Wow, check out those arms, what are you doing?” Me (way to excitedly and a bit crazy-stalker-fan-like): “P90X3 of course!”  And then he looks at Randy, my husband, and says, “you’re welcome!” Holy cow, it was awesome!  And he was gracious enough to listen to the story of how he’s changed my life and take a picture with me.  Pretty fun stuff.



So, what was the SS Beachbody?


Beachbody took over the Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas for the first-ever, all-Beachbody cruise.  Team Ditch the Belly, small as we are, got to celebrate with and learn from top coaches and work out with our favorite celebrity trainers at sea.  It was awesome!  It was fun to travel with my brother and sister-in-law, something we had NEVER done before.  We met amazingly positive and motivated people who truly want to end the trend of obesity by helping others reach their goals.  The stories we heard were so inspirational that we are more motivated and focused than ever to make a difference in people’s lives.  Next year the big trip is to Cancun where Team Beachbody will take over the entire Moon Palace.  I’m already fired up and ready to go!


SS Beachbody live workout

Live workout on the SS Beachbody

 Other Fun Stuff



Team Ditch the Belly also had a great time in Arizona with our local clients and coaches.  The Arizona Spring, short as it is, has been wonderful so we did a 5-mile hike on South Mountain with a healthy breakfast after.  It was a great way to spend a Sunday morning.


Hiking South Mountain - Holbert Trail

Hiking South Mountain – Holbert Trail







We also had an amazing day at the Warrior Dash.  Eight Ditch the Belly teammates conquered the 5K course with 12 crazy obstacles and celebrated afterwards with a beer (skipping the turkey legs though).   I had never done anything like the Warrior Dash and was absolutely terrified but had so much fun after we got started.  The display of teamwork and camaraderie doing something so silly and scary was an incredible high!  Warrior Dash 2015 is already on the calendar.


Warrior Dash muddy

Survived 2014 Warrior Dash Arizona!




All in all, it’s been a great month.  I hope that as we grow bigger, our team of clients and coaches get to have more chances to connect at local Ditch the Belly and national Beachbody events.  We want to build a community of people who inspire others to get out and get moving.  While P90X3, T25, 21 Day Fix and all the other amazing programs get you fit and healthy in the convenience of your own home, it’s out in the big world connecting with other people and doing stuff outside your comfort zone where the magic really happens!


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