Getting Started Right – Beginner’s Guide to Exercise & Fitness!

by Amy Nelson September 6, 2013

Working out is one of my passions!  This is why:  I found out the hard way how important exercise is to quality of life.  I have scoliosis (fancy word for:  my spine is in the shape of an S).   I wore the brace.  I chose not to have surgery.  In my mid 30s I started to pay for that decision in the form of chronic back pain.  The only suggestion my doctor gave me was pain meds.  Not doing that either.  But, through my obsession with working out I discovered something the doctors never told me.  Gaining strength and flexibility does wonders for pain management.  I rarely take an aspirin for back pain now!  If you’re currently a couch potato, I hope I can convince you MOVING has a lot of benefits and that you should try it!  Here are some suggestions for getting started:


Step 1:  Talk to your doctor and assess your fitness level.  Discuss concerns and what exercise is best for you.  Make sure it’s ok for you to do the fit test and then do it!

Step 2:  Define your why and set goals (see Getting Started Right:  Decide & Commit)

Step 3:  Find something you like to do!  Working out does not have to be torturous…believe it or not, once you find something you like to do it will be enjoyable.  Here are some suggestions:


1. Range of Motion training – Stretching and gaining flexibility is so very important when you are starting out.  You probably don’t want to jump right into P90X or INSANITY.  Although some people do and have awesome success, most people need to EASE off the couch to avoid injury.  Beginner’s Yoga, Tai Chi, simple stretching will do wonders for pain and get you ready for more intensive exercise.


yoga HiRes


2. Cardio – You don’t have to run a marathon to get the benefits of cardiovascular exercise!  Getting started can be as simple as just WALKING.  Go for a hike.  Ride a bike. Take the stairs.  Dance.  Play with your kids.  Get a pick-up game of basketball going.  Remember the glory days of high school sports?  Do the WARM UP you did back then!  Just get moving and accelerate your heart rate! It does wonders for your state of mind and stress levels – endorphins are a wonderful thing.


Dance Fitness


3. Strength / Resistance Training – Free weights, bench, resistance bands, pushups, pull-ups, isometric exercises – you get the idea!  When you are ready for serious change, this is what will do it for you.  And ladies, do NOT worry about “bulk”.  That is just silly.  Unless you are working out 8 hours a day and taking some serious supplements you will NOT get bulky!  You will, however, get toned and fit and be able to rock pretty much any outfit you choose.  Guys – I don’t think you need convincing on the benefits of weight training – who doesn’t want to get ripped?


Of course I think Beachbody fitness programs are the best way to reach your fitness goals or I wouldn’t have spent the last 3+ years religiously using them.  Before Beachbody, I went to the gym, I hiked, I did my own workouts in our home gym with weights and an elliptical but nothing got me results like Beachbody programs!  I live a pain-free, active life WITH severe scoliosis at 43 years old thanks to them.




But really, step back and think about it from a non-coach perspective: world-class trainers, scientifically proven results and a complete program that tells you EXACTLY what to do, when to do it and how to do it including a nutrition plan all for less than the cost of a gym membership or personal trainer!   In addition, the programs can be used over and over again in the comfort and privacy of your own home.  That’s hard to argue against.


It doesn’t matter where you are in your fitness journey or how much time you have to dedicate to fitness – there is a program that will work for you IF you have decided and committed to change.


Last, but certainly not least, Coach Jeff & I will be with you every step of the way and help make it fun and give you the support you need to be successful.  Check out this Program Comparison Chart and let’s talk!


For in-depth information from the experts on how to get started, check out this Beginner’s guide to exercise.

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