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Myth:  The only way I can get in shape is to join a gym, hire a trainer, and spend hours at the gym every week.

That is a MYTH!


FACT:  When you work out at home, you can achieve amazing results.   You don’t have to wait for equipment, you don’t have to commute to the gym, you don’t have to worry about looking silly or being embarrassed about how far you have to go, and you can be comfortable exercising in your own environment.  That is a FACT!


We are Independent Beach Body Coaches.  That means we utilize Beachbody fitness programs and nutrition to help our customers get truly fit.  In doing so, our customers learn nutrition and exercise habits that will help them stay fit for the rest of their lives.  No gimmicks, no tricks, no drugs, just good hard work and clean eating.


Beachbody has produced the best home fitness programs on the planet.  With world famous trainers like Tony Horton, Chalene Johnson, Shaun T and many others, you can only succeed if you put in the work.  JUST PUSH PLAY!!

Below are reviews of the programs we have personal experience with.  There are many, many more program choices if these don’t meet your needs!  Check out this program comparison chart for ALL the choices and a brief summary of each.

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Simple fitness combined with simple eating helps you see results fast.  Lose up to 15 pounds in 21 days!  Easy-to-follow portion control and 30-minute workouts take the guesswork out of losing weight No more counting, weighing, or measuring – just quick results!  I love this program and think it is a game changer for anyone struggling to lose those last 10 pounds to someone who has 100+ pounds to lose.  The program is simple and effective.  Check out my results and FAQs about the program here!

—  Amy









P90X3_logo_COO_800x800 Get all the awesomeness of P90X in just 30 minutes a day!!!  I absolutely love this program.  If you are up for a challenge but don’t have an hour to spend in the gym, give this one a try.  Study after study shows that the most dramatic body transformations happen in the first 30 minutes of exercise.  Tony Horton’s breakthrough Muscle Acceleration system combines a highly structured, plateau-busting schedule with an unprecedented variety of moves that keep every muscle challenged every day for 30 minutes of full-throttle intensity.  P90X3 is a whole workout in half the time.  Here are my results and thoughts about this one!!  Loved it!

—  Amy











Power 90 – The first program in Tony Horton’s lineup of “P90” programs.  This is a wonderful program for anyone just finding their fitness and isn’t quite ready to tackle P90X or Insanity quite yet.  Power 90 will lay the groundwork for anyone to be successful with one of Beachbody’s more rigorous programs, such as P90X, Insanity or Body Beast.  This program is easy to follow and a highly effective introduction to fitness.  – Jeff







P90XP90X – The program that started it all for me.  It was difficult the first 30 days, but Tony Horton’s sense of humor made it fun at the same time.  I had to modify many of the exercises early on to get through it, but after 90 days I was in the best shape of my adult life.  I did it three times back to back and recommend this program to everyone I know who is serious about finding their “inner athlete” and finding their fitness.  – Jeff


THIS is the program that started it all for me!! Milestone birthday #40 was the motivation to complete the P90X 90 day challenge and I LOVED it. Tony Horton is awesome and I love the results and strength I gained from the program. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be able to do an un-assisted pull-up! And my core strength improved so much that I have little to NO scoliosis back pain! That was the very best side effect. I’ve done the program a total of four times and recently got P90X certified. In summary, I love P90X – it’s my go to program for results and I LOVE helping first-timers through it! – Amy


P90X2P90X2 – The program I did after I finished P90X the third time.  I wish I had done it sooner.  It make P90X seem easy at first.  As with P90X, there were several moves that I really struggled with at first, but I got stronger and stronger as I went along.  This program took my awesome P90X results to a whole new level that I didn’t think possible.  I absolutely love this program.  – Jeff


If you thought P90X was hard wait until you try this one!  Tony has outdone himself with X2.  Completely different feel and brand new challenges!!  Can you say 4 med ball push-ups?!  You will love the results from this program too – my core strength and flexibility was phenomenal after completing the 90 days.  It’s tough but so worth it!! – Amy


10-Min-TrainerTEN MINUTE TRAINER – This is the program for anyone looking to change their habits, fit a little fitness into a busy schedule, and has 10 minutes a day to dedicate to their health.  You can achieve amazing results in just ten minutes a day, so long as you commit.  – Jeff





Programs Page Focus T25 FOCUS T25 – Focus T25 is finally here!! This program with no workouts longer than 25 minutes. There are three phases to this program, and you will be absolutely amazed at the results you can achieve in 25 minutes or less. Do not think that 25 minutes is easy, this is a Shaun T workout and you are definitely going to sweat. If you want to get super fit, but you don’t have a lot of time, go with Focus T25. Jeff






Insanity INSANITY – I have always wanted to do Inanity, but as of today, I have not had the courage.  I own it.  I will do it someday.  It is on my “to do” list.  It is an incredible 60 day program that will push the limits of even the best athlete out there.  This program is premised on Shaun T’s “Max Interval Training” – long periods of high intensity exercise, followed by very short recovery breaks. There is no equipment needed for this program, just your body weight and some serious commitment.  – Jeff


I completed INSANITY after my first round of P90X just to see if I could do such an intense program at the age of 40.  Honestly, I made it through the 60-day program and got awesome results but I don’t think I would do it again!  This over 40 body felt the jumping and intensity!  While I don’t think it ever gets easy for anyone I think there is a certain age where it’s not as enjoyable to try!  If you’re in great shape though and you want a challenge this is the program for you!!!  There is no better feeling than surviving an INSANITY workout. – Amy





The-AsylumINSANITY:  THE ASYLUM – Shaun T’s follow up to Insanity.  Its just a 30 day program, but even more intense than Insanity.  I have not done this either.  I would recommend doing Insanity first and then graduating to The Asylum thereafter.  This program is for those who are in really good shape going in, but want to take their athleticism to a whole new level.  You will train like a pro athlete with this program.  In fact, most of the exercises Shaun T uses in this program are taken from pro athletes.  This is not a program for the faint of heart, or for anyone with any type of physical limitations.  – Jeff



hip-hop-AbsHIP HOP ABS – I have no rhythm.  Need I say more?  This is a fantastic program for anyone who loves to dance and wants to get in great shape doing it.  It is Shaun T, so you can’t go wrong.  – Jeff









Turbo-JamTURBO JAM – This was the first in a series of Chalene Johnson programs.  This program utilizes kickboxing, dancing and body sculpting moves to produce incredible results.  I would recommend this Chalene Johnson program to any woman looking to discover fitness and wants a total body workout.  There is some weight training, some cardiovascular training, a little bit of everything.  I haven’t done it, but thousands have, and the results speak for themselves.  – Jeff







Turbo-FireTURBO FIRE – Chalene Johnson brings the heat BIG TIME with this program.  This program is 100% high intensity cardiovascular training.  This program is effective because of the “After Burn Effect,” which means you will continue to burn calories long after your workout is done.  The moves are quick and the transitions are fast, so the first few times through you’ll have to hit pause while you learn the program, but stick with it and you will be amazed at your transformation.  I would recommend this program to women with good agility who aren’t afraid to sweat.  – Jeff


Chalean-ExtremeCHA-LEAN EXTREME – This is Chalene Johnson for the woman who is coming into the program pretty fit, but looking to step it up a few notches.  This program consists of weight training as well as cardiovascular training.  There are three phases to this program – BURN, PUSH and LEAN.  You can’t go wrong with Chalene Johnson, so if you are a lady with a good fitness base, this is an excellent choice to change things up.  – Jeff




LM-PumpLES MILLS PUMP – This is my favorite program for anyone who may be new to fitness or making a return to a fit lifestyle after some time off.  Pump utilizes the “Rep Effect” for awesome results.  You will do lunges, squats, clean and presses, bicep curls, chest presses, and many more moves.  This program focuses on lighter weights with maximum reps to really burn the calories and build muscle tone.  The Hard Core Abs workout is no joke either.  I’ve done this program and I love the Les Mills Pump team.  – Jeff


The team of Les Mills trainers are fantastic and the music is great in this program!  The really nice thing about this 90-day program is the flexible schedule allowed by only lifting three times per week.  PUMP is great to incorporate into another routine and perfect for runners who want to add strength into their training.  It’s also an AWESOME program for men and women to do together!  My husband joined me in this one and loved it as well.  While you can always add more weight to the bar for a more intense workout, if you want to make the program a little more “hard core” cardio-wise I would recommend doing a PUMP / COMBAT hybrid! – Amy




LM-CombatLES MILLS COMBAT – This program combines several different martial arts moves to provide a cardio focused program that is an absolute blast.  Dan and Rachel are fantastic in this program.  Every workout flies by.  Don’t let the fact that its fun fool you, this program is TOUGH and will push you to your limits, but you’ll have fun at the same time.   I found myself “pushing pause” to catch my breath quite often.  If your looking to drop some pounds and have alot of fun working hard, this is a great program.  – Jeff


I believe this program is my soul mate program!!!  I have NEVER had so much fun working out.  The trainers, Dan & Rach, are AWESOME together and really present a great team – “we’re in this together” – attitude.  The music is incredible and even though I’m currently half way through my second round I never get bored.  I’ve always wanted to try martial arts and Combat gives a great introduction to six forms:  boxing, muay thai, tae kwon do, karate, capoeira, and jiu jitsu.  Combat is the perfect combination of cardio (some of it high intensity), resistance training and fun for me!   I literally have a grin on my face the entire time I’m working out (ok, maybe not the entire time – the burpee sequences aren’t so fun!) – Amy


sagi kalev



Body-BeastBODY BEAST – If you are looking to pack on some serious muscle in 90 days, it is time to BEAST UP!  Trainer, and two time Mr. Israel, Sagi Kalev will definitely get you the muscle you so desperately want.   This program is great for men and women alike who are looking to add muscle and definition.  The workouts focus on building serious muscle and the nutrition guide included with this program is absolutely KEY for anyone serious about packing on 10-15 pounds of muscle.  If I learned nothing else from this program, it’s that you can’t pack on muscle without the proper NUTRITION.  I strongly recommend this program to anyone who enjoys lifting weights and is serious about their commitment to build muscle.  I’ve done this program and I had amazing results and I’ll do it again for sure.  – Jeff


leandro carvalho


brazil-butt-liftBRAZIL BUTT LIFT – This one is definitely for the gals who want to change their butt.  Leandro Carvalho utilized “Triangle Training” to train all three muscles in the butt to truly change the entire appearance of your rear end.  My wife has done this program, and she learned very quickly that this is an extremely challenging cardio vascular workout.  Leandro is not messing around with this program.  Any woman who commits to this program is going to see absolutely incredible results.  Don’t be afraid of the name, give it a shot and you won’t regret it.  – Jeff






dr. mark cheng



Tai-ChengTAI CHENG – This is a 12 week program created by master martial arts trainer, Dr. Mark Cheng.  This program will improve anyone’s core strength and areas of weakness.  Anyone can benefit from Tai Cheng, from the elderly to the elite athlete.  You will feel stronger, more agile and much more flexible when you get done with this amazing program.  – Jeff













Fitness Programs - SlimIn6_logoSLIM 6 – I did this program with one of my challenge groups just to see what it was like and to help guide them through it.  It is labeled as a beginner program so I went into it thinking it would be silly and boring after all the hard-core programs I’ve completed.  I was pleasantly surprised!  Slim in 6 is a GREAT total body-sculpting workout.  Utilizing bands provides a different type of resistance and I actually saw some slimming and toning of the “tough spots” (hips and thighs for me) that other programs had not achieved.  Highly recommend this program for people starting out or for those who don’t want a lot of impact!  – Amy







21 day cleanse


Fitness programs - Ultimate Reset logoUltimate ResetThis 21-day nutrition only program was the toughest one for me.  I truly ate like a 5 year-old before starting this program so believe me when I say that if I got through it ANYONE can.  Not only will you get through it, but you will learn so much about how the food you eat impacts the way you feel and your quality of life.  I’m happy to say that I completed the Reset in March, 2013 and again in June, 2014 and have been incorporating the foods and habits I learned from it ever since!  It is truly a life-changing experience.  It does take quite a bit of time, organization and discipline so I highly recommend choosing your 21 days wisely!  Clear the social and travel calendar to give yourself the best chance of success!  Here are my top 5 Tips for a Successful Reset – Amy