Eating Clean

by Jeff Curry September 27, 2013

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On my way to the office this morning, I decided to count fast food joints.  A young lady at work told me the other day that she could never eat healthy like me, because she has no will power and she loves her fast food too much.  It got me thinking about my own past struggles with fast food and junk food.  I remembered the days when I too struggled to drive past those evil pushers of grease, fat and sugar.  As I counted the fast food joints, I quit counting when I got to 30.  Yes 30!  And I know that I didn’t count them all.  I was only counting the ones that I could see, and I’m certain there were many more lurking in the shadows.



I get it.  I understand the temptation.  I have experienced those struggles myself.  I used to eat Burger King for breakfast, McDonald’s for lunch, Taco Bell for a pre-drinking night snack, and then Jack-in-the-Box for a late night “dinner.”  It’s cheap and easy.  I used to tell myself that it didn’t make sense to go the store and buy real food when I was single.  It doesn’t make any sense to me today, but I believed it back then.  And when you’re in a hurry and need a cheap fix, it works.  But it’s killing us all.  It’s making us fat and diabetic, and it’s clogging out arteries and causing heart attacks, strokes, and hundreds of other horrific and expensive diseases.  I believe that it’s causing depression and mental illness.  It’s full of jacked up chemicals – the effects of which we have only begun to understand.





I fear that there is a large majority of the population who believe that it is perfectly fine to eat this junk all the time.  That there is no difference between a fast food chain burger and a home made grass fed beef burger, for example.  And I fear that many folks are fooled by their clever advertising campaigns.  Why are all of the actors in these fast food commercials healthy and skinny and young and happy?  Morbidly obese actors never make the cut.  Interesting.  If you hang in the parking lot of your local fast food joint, you won’t see many of those young, healthy and happy folks walking in and out of there.  Try it sometime.  Most folks are hiding in their car, right at the end of the drive thru, slamming down a burger, or a taco (or four), while commuting home from work.



Eating Clean #2


I am on a mission to help DitchtheBelly Nation with this epidemic.  I’m not going to preach, but I am going to offer some healthier alternatives.  I’m not going to bore you with facts and figures.  I know most of you don’t care about statistics, nor do I to be honest.  I just know that by refusing to eat that garbage, I FEEL FANTASTIC.  And I have AWESOME ENERGY.  When I go to the doctor, and I get my yearly blood work done, my doctor compliments me on how great my blood work is.  It’s because I eat REAL FOOD that my body NEEDS.  I don’t wake up sluggish.  I don’t experience mood swings or cravings or spikes and crashes in m blood sugar levels.  I know most of you do.  I used to as well.



I’m laying out a challenge to anyone who reads this.  Commit to one week with no fast food.  One week where everything you put in your body comes from the earth, or comes  directly from an animal.  One week of minimally or non-processed foods.  One week o checking the nutrition label to see what’s in your food and choosing the natural option.   If you eat it, it has to be real food.  it cannot come from a fast food joint, and it cannot come from the center aisles of the store (the soda, chips, cookies, frozen dinners, boxed pastas, crackers and cheese whiz aisles).  Get real vegetables and real meats and real eggs and real cheese and COOK YOUR FOOD for one week.  Make your own coffee before you leave the house, if you absolutely have to have it to survive the day.    You’re going to feel great.  You’re not going to die.  And you’re going to save a fortune.  Let’s get healthy.  For real.  Let’s DITCHTHEBELLY!  More to come.

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