“DIET” does not equal HEALTHY!

by Amy Nelson January 31, 2014

OK, confession time – I’m approaching birthday #44 and for the first 40 years of my life I ate like a 5 year old.   Breakfast was usually skipped or consisted of sugar-laden cereal (straight out of the box without milk);  the first thing I had to have just to function was a Diet Pepsi.   Lunch sometimes consisted of French bread and I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Light with another Diet Pepsi .  The sugar cravings would kick in around 3PM and I’d go on a search for chocolate (I would buy giant bags of candy and fill my colleagues candy jars so I would at least have to stand up and walk over to their desk to raid it!) or hit the vending machine for yes, yet another Diet Pepsi.  Luckily my husband is an awesome cook and so he would prepare a homemade, healthy dinner from ingredients that didn’t come out of a box or can.  As a result, I thought I was doing pretty good as far as nutrition was concerned.  I was keeping calorie intake low and mostly maintaining my weight…ignoring the 1-2 pound / year increases.




groceries in paper bag

Then I started educating myself on nutrition.  Holy cow…diet soda is almost as bad for me as drinking BATTERY ACID?  What the heck?!   Toxic foods that  other countries have BANNED are perfectly ok  in the US?  WHAT?  So much fertilizer has been dumped into our soil that  non-organic fruits and veggies have fewer nutrients now than they did 40 years ago?  Our meat is pumped so full of antibiotics that it’s likely contributing to sickening more than 2 million Americans and ~23,000 deaths / year due to antibiotic resistant infections?  That’s crazy.




AND…all of the toxins that I was putting into my body on a daily basis mess with my liver and my body’s ability to burn fat, make me tired, not sleep well AND moody?  Seriously, I could do three P90X workouts a day, train for a marathon and STILL have stubborn fat that just won’t go away?  Yep.  That’s a fact.  There are all sorts of  Pinterest Pins that say you can’t out exercise a bad diet.  That’s why.  Educate yourself on the science.  It’s fascinating.  All the toxins that are getting into your body EVEN ON A LOW CALORIE “DIET” are derailing your attempts to burn fat and lose weight.  Diet soda, frozen Lean Cuisine / Weight Watchers / and the dozen other microwaveable meals, “low fat”, “all natural” etc. are all clever marketing tools food manufacturers use to make you think you’re doing something good for your health and weight-loss goals.  Unfortunately, it’s not true.




Do your own research.  I’ve included a few links below to get you started but it’s up to you to convince yourself and find the sources you trust.  Learning the detrimental effects of these toxic foods truly changed my behavior.  Today my nutrition is simple:  organic lean meats, fruits and veggies when I can and very little processed foods (if there are > 5 ingredients or anything I can’t pronounce, I skip it).  All the Diet Pepsi has been replaced with water and Shakeology.  Am I perfect?  No!  I firmly believe in the 80/20 rule so I don’t feel like I’m on a DIET.  It’s a lifestyle and I plan on maintaining it well through birthday #94.  In the process, I’m hoping many, many others will join me .


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