by Amy Nelson July 12, 2014

Never give up



Yeah, I’m going to write about Coach Summit because it’s been almost a month since we got back from Vegas and I’m still fired up.  More importantly though, a lot of people have given up and need to hear the message (cliché as it might initially sound).


Maybe you’re thinking – me?  I haven’t given up, […]

by Amy Nelson May 23, 2014

A revolution… is that necessary?  Yes, I believe it is.  The definition of “revolution”:



A far-reaching and drastic change, especially in ideas, methods, etc.



We want to inspire people to take ownership of their health: to promote and embrace wellness BEFORE a major diagnosis. To switch focus from getting well to being well. To make major diagnoses the exception rather than the norm.



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by Amy Nelson April 27, 2014




Maybe you’ve done a few Beachbody Programs and you’re drinking Shakeology religiously.  You’re feeling good.  Looking good.  Having fun posting in your Challenge Group and supporting others so that they can get great results too.


People are starting to take notice that you look “different”.  When they ask you what’s going on you can’t wait to tell them that you’re doing P90X3 (or T25 or 21 Day Fix, etc.) and drinking this amazing shake that has 70+ superfoods from […]

by Amy Nelson April 20, 2014

SS Beachbody highlight


That’s right, I got to meet THE MAN!  Tony Horton, creator of the most popular home fitness program in America – P90X.  The guy who got me in the best shape of my life at the age of 40 (and still maintaining at 44)!  The guy who got me strong enough so that my crooked, scoliosis spine no longer causes me pain – THAT GUY.  I got to meet him!!!  It was certainly a highlight from the SS […]

by Amy Nelson March 16, 2014

Date:  March 31, 2014

Where:  Facebook private Challenge Group and your living room

Time:  Whenever you choose

What:  Workout, drink a shake and engage with like-minded people



So I know what you’re thinking:



Yeah right!  Drinking a shake, working out and engaging in a Facebook group won’t change my life.  You’re a slimy snake oil salesman like the thousands […]

by Jeff Curry March 8, 2014

What is your excuse?  We all have them, even me sometimes.  As a coach, part of my duty to you, my client, is to help you bust out of the EXCUSE ZONE.  Ditch the Excuses!  I learned somewhere that excuses are nothing more than well planned LIES.  Here are the 5 lies (I mean excuses) that I hear most often that drive me CRAZY!  So if you’re going to resort to excuses, at least be creative and don’t use one […]

by Amy Nelson March 1, 2014

After something like 70 days of sunshine perfection, it rained in Phoenix today.  And not just a little sprinkle like it normally does – it was a downpour.  Normally this is cause for celebration as, believe it or not, this Mid-Westerner likes to see WEATHER!  That happens after about 15 years of living in the desert.  But today, my brother and I were representing Team DitchtheBelly at an event.  The alarm went off at 4 am and we were slugging […]

by Amy Nelson February 15, 2014


We need your help!  Maybe you’ve noticed our country is in a bit of a mess.  Obesity is an epidemic.  Our middle-class is shrinking.  People are drowning in credit card debt, working longer hours and spending less time doing what they want to do and with whom they want to do it with.   We are more isolated than ever before thanks to technology.  So, no shortage of social concerns we could work on but let’s start with obesity.




More […]

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