5 Tips for a Successful Reset

by Amy Nelson June 14, 2014
  • Ultimate Reset

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  • Ah, took a few weeks off from life and blogging to complete our second round of the Ultimate Reset.  This 21-day program is by far the most difficult one for me.  I think there may be others who are intimidated by the process so I wanted to provide some tips on how to have the best experience possible.  It truly is life changing and worth the effort even if you are veggie challenged like me!






  • Review the meal plan, shop and prepare your kitchen to be successful.  Wipe out ALL the junk and stock up on all the good stuff.  This took us longer than expected the first time so plan some extra time for this step.


  • Clear the social and travel calendar for 21 days!   This is not easy but it’s so important to be successful.


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  • The meal plan includes foods you’ve likely never heard of…TRY THEM.  You may be pleasantly surprised!  Tempeh was my biggest surprise.  It looks absolutely horrendous but has a good texture and pretty much tastes like whatever you put it with so give it a shot.


  • Really immerse yourself in the process and take advantage of the mind, body and spirit renewal that this program can provide you if you let it.  SLOW DOWN.  Get out into nature.  Practice mindful, conscious eating.  Go to your happy place.  We went to our cabin in northern Arizona for the first week…cool, clean air and pine trees made the detoxing experience quite enjoyable.  Note I didn’t say easy, but enjoyable!






  • I strongly recommend your partner, spouse or roommate complete the program with you.  Otherwise, the temptation to “cheat” will be too great.  In addition, unless you like living in the kitchen it’s not feasible to prepare Reset meals AND other meals!


  • If you cannot get them on board, immerse yourself in a Challenge Group, connect with your Coach and join the Beachbody Facebook groups (there is one for each phase of the program) to get the support you need.


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  • If you stick with this program, I promise you it will be a life changer.  Keep a journal on all the amazing things you experience and use it as a reminder to continue the good habits you learn.  Note your sleep, mood, energy and emotions as you detox and revitalize.  Note changes in your relationships as well.






  • This was the big “aha” for me the second time around.  You don’t have to follow the meal plan exactly to have amazing results.  The program suggests following the meal plan to a tee.  But unless you are a kitchen wizard and enjoy spending hours every day prepping and cooking this can be a source of frustration and may even cause you to quit.  Pick a few of each of the meals that you know you can do and have them 2-3 times in each phase.  This will also save on some of the shopping.


  • I’m NOT suggesting you cheat however!  To get the most benefit out of the program DON’T CHEAT YOURSELF.  Eliminate the sugar, the caffeine, the pop, the alcohol and everything else you may be subjecting yourself to so you can fully enjoy the benefits of detoxing and nourishing your body with whole, clean foods. If you have a serious bad habit, you may want to start weaning yourself from it a week or two before you start your Reset to ease into the detoxing process.


  • Good luck with your Reset!  I’m happy to answer any  questions you might have – just reach out!

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