5 Excellent Reasons to Work Out at Home

by Jeff Curry January 17, 2014

1.  Save LOTS of time.  Most of us spend way too much time in our cars as it is.  Driving back and forth to the gym is time in the car that you don’t have to waste.  When you work out at home, you don’t have to drive anywhere.  How long does it take you to drive to the gym and back home again?  I have no idea what the answer is for you, and I’m sure it varies wildlyClock Face depending on where you live, but let’s just say it’s 15 minutes each way, 30 minutes round trip.  Now think about the time you spend getting into the gym, putting your stuff away, chatting with friends, and getting ready to workout.  In all, you’re probably wasting at least 45 minutes every time you go to the gym.  In the time you just wasted, you could already be done with your P90X3 or Focus T25  workout, showered and doing whatever else you want to do with all of your new found spare time.


2.  Get Crazy Results.  Unless you are paying a boatload of money to work out with a personal trainer every time you go to the gym, odds are that you probably aren’t getting the greatest results from going to the gym anyway.  You may go to the gym and do your treadmill, or your bike for some cardio.  Flexing GuyThen you wander around and do some chest presses and some leg presses and a few “curls for the girls,” but are you really seeing the returns in the mirror?  When you do a Beachbody workout like P90X3 or Focus T25, you are doing every workout with a world class trainer, like Tony Horton or Shaun T.  The success stories from Beachbody’s home fitness programs are nothing short of amazing.


3.  Protect Your Pride (aka Ego).  When you go to the gym, you’ll probably do just about anything to avoid looking like an idiot.  Unfortunately, it’s when we look like idiots that we truly experience change.  I went to the gym hundreds of times before trying P90X.  I will say, with absolutely no doubt, that I would NEVER push myself like I did with P90X if I was in a gym, surrounded by others.  In fact, I’m not sure that I could have driven home from the gym if I worked as hard as I did with P90X.  That goes the same for every other Beachbody program I’ve done since – Body Beast, P90X2, Les Mills Pump, Les Mills Combat, Focus T25 and now P90X3.  I regularly fall over doing yoga moves.  I often times get stuck half way through a set of pull-ups.  I routinely finish a set of push-ups by going to my knees, which I would never do at the gym.


4.  You Don’t Have to Think.  At the gym, if you’re not paying a trainer or taking a class, your workout is determined by you and your vast knowledge of fitness and exercise.  You have to think about what you are going to do.  You have to know what exercises to do, when to do them, proper form, when to rest, etc…  Why?Rodin Thinker isolated on white, clipping path included  Who wants to think that hard for less than spectacular results?  With Beachbody’s programs there is no thinking.  All you have to do is show up and push play and bring the right attitude.  That’s it.  You’ll get to work out with a world class trainer every day and you’ll benefit from the latest science that exercise and fitness research has to offer.   You’ll be mastering exercises that you would never think of doing on your own.  You’ll be working muscles that you didn’t even know you have.  Save all that brain power for more important things, like who’s Facebook page are you going to stalk when you’re done.


5.  You Can Save Cash!  You can even MAKE cash!  I know way too many people who pay for a gym membership every single month and they haven’t gone in years.  Even worse, a lot of them struggle with their finances.  You know if this is you.  You gave up that checking account information when you signed up for the gym, went three times the first week and three times in the last three years since, and you feel guilty every time you think about canceling…..because you think you’re somehow cheating your fitness.  DITCH THE GYM!!  Working out at home, you buy your Beachbody workout once and it’s yours forever.  You can do it 500 times for the same price.  Even better, once you’ve earned amazing results and learned how awesome it is to get crazy fit by working out at home, you can become a Beachbody Coach and help others to do the same.  There is nothing more rewarding than helping others to get fit, and getting paid for it at the same time is just icing on the cake, so to speak.

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