Ditch the Gym.  Ditch the Excuses.  Ditch the Belly!

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? WE CAN HELP AND WE PROMISE TO MAKE IT EASY!!


Jeff Curry and Amy Nelson are Independent Beachbody coaches. Our sibling rivalry took our health and fitness to a whole new level and we can do the same for you! We offer a proven system of home fitness programs, improved nutrition and FREE coaching that will transform your life.  If you think you are too busy to be healthy, let us prove you wrong!



You can completely transform your life by committing as little as 25 minutes a day to exercising AT HOME.  DitchtheBelly™ coaches Jeff Curry and Amy Nelson, a brother/sister team, offer you an EASY way to get healthy, have fun doing it, and STAY healthy.  Just Decide, Commit and Succeed!


So many people today struggle with obesity and obesity related diseases, like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease and the list goes on and on.  With so many “fast food” and “drive through” options for food out there, it is very difficult for busy people to eat “healthy” and live a fit lifestyle.  If you are somebody who is overweight, or if you are already taking medications for obesity related diseases, or if your doctor has warned you that you are at risk for heart disease, why not make a change today that will improve the rest of your life?  Let us help you eat better.  Let us help you start exercising.  You won’t regret it, and you may end up “ditching the medications” in the process – what could be better than that?




Maybe you are a smoker, or a beer drinker, and have decided that you need to replace that habit with a healthy one.  If so, Coach Jeff has been there and can help you “ditch the smokes” or “ditch the booze.”  Coach Jeff went from drinking beers and smoking cigarettes on a nightly basis, to graduating P90X, P90X2, Les Mills Pump, Les Mills Combat and Body Beast.  The cigarettes are LONG GONE and the beer is now an occasional, healthy habit.  Maybe you are approaching a milestone birthday and want to get in the best shape of your life or maybe you have chronic pain and are looking for a non prescription answer.  Coach Amy has been there and realized early in her journey that pain avoidance is an amazing motivator!  She is now almost four years into her Beachbody transformation and has completed several fitness programs and the Ultimate Reset. All it takes is a commitment from YOU, and you will have a commitment from US.

end-the-trend-scottsdake   Hundreds of thousands of people, many of them just like you, have literally transformed their lives forever by making a few simple choices and a few simple changes to their diet and exercise routine.  Most of them just needed someone to show them the way and even coach them throughout their journey.  It isn’t impossible to get fit, in fact, it is VERY POSSIBLE to get fit and stay fit, regardless of your starting point.  At DitchtheBelly we are passionate about helping you live a healthier and happier life, once you realize how possible it really is.

We are not certified trainers, nor are we nutritionists, we are normal people who have struggled in the past to lead healthy lives, just like so many folks out there. We will introduce you to others just like you. We will give you the support that you need to be successful, and introduce you to a network of like-minded people here to help you get fit and truly transform your life.


Join our DitchtheBelly family for free by making one of us your coach. Once you do, we will be with you, as your coaches, every step of the way to make sure that YOU are successful in reaching YOUR fitness goals, whatever those goals may be. Coaching YOU is our pledge to you, and our coaching is FREE! You pay NOTHING extra for our coaching, and we love to help people get healthy. No strings attached. No tricks. We want to be with you during your fitness transformation, and we want YOU to pay it forward to your loved ones. You have no excuses left – let’s get started right now. No matter your age or fitness level, we can help you find a program that you can follow and that you will enjoy.

Take the Beach Body Challenge!  

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